Питомник кошек


Macrory Galadriel Silversky

Скоттиш фолд
SFS ns 11 33

Линии: Macrory, Absolu, Ultra, Yanuar Crystall

Тесты здоровья

PKD neg
PRA-pd neg
FeLV neg
FIV neg

Blood serotype A/AB
Blood genotype N/N

Näituste tulemused


  • B- D- A- T- I- ww L- cscs

Galadriel was the pick of the litter from our G3 litter to carry on lines of Wendy. She is owned by Molder family and will participate in our breeding program with one litter. Hopefully she will grow into a beauty!


Khan Yanuar Pride of Macrory

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Junior Champion Macrory Best Kitten 2017

Macrory Wendy Silversky

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