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Best Kitten in Estonia 2021

Macrory Daenerys

Скоттиш страйт
SCS g 03

Линии: Macrory, Elizabete's, Cadelonia, Kliofoldcity, Mio Mio, Kindlycats, Kinross, Owhl, Kalevallafold, Margocha

Тесты здоровья

PKD neg
PRA pd neg
FeLV neg
FIV neg

Blood serotype A/AB
Blood genotype N/N

Näituste tulemused

  • Best Kitten in Estonia 2021


  • B- dd aa T- spsp ii Ww Ll

She is our dream come true! A girl that had been planned for a few generations back and now she is here! In addition to looks she has the most perfect character that she demonstrated on live TV show to introduce the Scottish Straight breed. We hope for some beautiful kittens one day from her.


Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion Best Cat in Estonia 2020 Breed Winner Europe North 2020 Best Alter in Estonia 2021

Macrory Kalimeris

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Aasta Kastraat III 2021

Macrory Primula

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