Our Macrory Webby Silversky in a music video of Liis Lemsalu - Estonian Superstar!

Hi Karin!

Baby kitten is home safe and sound. It was a very long travel day but he did great. After about an hour into the flight he went to sleep until it was time to land.  

I absolutely love him. He has a great appetite and drank a lot of water. He played with his new toys for about 2 hours until he was finally ready to sleep. He slept with me in our bed and I think he already feels at home. 

I take him to the vet Friday morning for his first appointment, so I will make sure she helps me with the microchip then. 

Thank you for everything!!
Lacy (Washinton, USA) 

Hello  Karin!

How  are  you?

As promise, here are the  first  news of  NONA in her  new home!
With  some  photos! Not  very  good  photos,  but you see how Nona is!
In  first,  I  hope your  husband, Norman, come  back home well.
Thanks a lot  again  to him for bring us  NONA in Geneva, it's  very  very nice, really.
We  were happy  to meet  him.
I find  at  the last  minute before  leaving home, the  number of  the  fly.....and  the plane  was  arriving  before us! We  were  just at 12, but the plane  was already  there !
We are  enjoyed, charmed by NONA !
At the  Airport, during  we  speak with your  husband,  she  was quiet, curious,  play  with  the  toy  who  was in  the  kennel.....and purrrrs  when we speak to her!!
What a  marvellous kitty, for all!
During  the  travel until  your  home, we  don't  hear her..she  was  sleeping!
Arriving  at home, I let  the  kenneel  open, others  cats  come  to  see  her, and  nobody  was  afraid, NONA or  others  cats! They  smell all together, and NONA  go  to the  cat   toilets!!!!!
She drinks a  little, but  for  the moment, don't eat.....
She  explore  her new home  and make friend  with my yougers  females: Maroussia  and Saskia.
Nice  and affectionnate, like to play, coming with  us and receive  caresses!
NONA is  a lovely kitty,  a  cat  dream!
I  send you  news  and  photos, don't be anxious! You  see her  growth.....
You  can  be  proud  of  her, NONA is is  sensationnal! 

Thanks a lot  again  for all,  your  kindness and  to  be  confiant in us for NONA.
I send  you  soon  anothers  news.....
Have  a nice end  of  the  day.....
Best  regards.....and puuuuurrrrrrrrrrs  from  NONA!

Ghislaine (Geneva)

At exactly 4:15pm Lancelot was taken home from Lufthansa Cargo. At first he was shivering because it was very cold in the room they put him in, but once he was in in the car he warmed up quite nicely. He has already adjusted to his new living space and cannot stop purring! And you were right about the feathers. He loves them so much! I already knew he was handsome but he stole my heart the minute I laid eyes on him! Ami is a little bit jealous of him at the moment but I am giving her plenty of attention as well to ensure her that she is not being replaced, just receiving a little brother. I attached a photo of him on the car ride home. He slept like a baby! He does send his love to you and says that he misses you very much, but is very happy here. He has so much love and excitement to offer! I cannot thank you enough for him. He sleeps in any position and it appears that he "sucks his thumb" which is super cute! I have decided to name him Bandit because at times he can be very mischievous and he has a mask on his face. I think that is a good name, what do you think? I may be e-mailing you with questions when I have any! I am going to check with the bank on Monday about the wire transfer as well so I will let you know what I hear from them. Thank you again Karin. I am so content with my little man! Happy belated Valentines Day to you too. I hope you and Norman were able to do something special! Hope to hear from you soon my friend.

(Chicago, USA)

Hi Karin,

We got home about 45 minutes ago. She is AMAZING! She came right to me and started purring. She doesn't hide when you enter a room - she comes right out. She is FULL of energy. She's been running around like crazy. I guess she was tired of being cooped up. Although you can see from the photos - she had a lot more room coming home in the car than the carrier she was in. The last photo is her on the cat tree playing with a hanging ball. I tried to take some shots of her on the floor - but she's too fast. She's very sweet and not shy. I can't believe how she just walked right in and felt right at home. I've isolated her with me tonight. No other cats. Tomorrow I'll introduce her to the 2 girls after the vet checks her in the morning. She seems fine but I know sometimes the stress of a trip might not show up for a day or two. She seems perfectly fine though - clear eyed and no sniffles. I'll watch her for diarrhea. 

I took a quick look at the passport (that's really cute by the way) and I see the vaccine record but it's in a different language. So my vet will understand the shots she got - can you tell me what they are in English? I understand the Rabies. But not sure what the other 2 are. I see the dates and understand those.

My goodness. I am just thrilled to death with her. She is small but has a good weight. Her head is much prettier in person than the photos. Beautiful round eyes. She reminds me of a snowbird. She is hiding behind the pillows on the couch right now. She hasn't stopped yet...LOL! What a character. She's wonderful!Red heart

Can't thank you enough,
(Texas, USA)

Hermione checked out - he was amazed she was so friendly and so energetic after such a long trip. 

Said to watch her for a few days just in case - but all looked great.  :)

(Texas, USA)

Hi Karin,

I won't be sending tons of photos - but just a follow up to let you know Hermione is doing great! She sleeps next to me every night and just LOVES people. You did a great job of socializing her. She has to be right in the middle of everything, as you can see.Rolling on the floor laughing

I've checked into the TICA shows and there are a few nearby. I'll do my best to Champion her.

Hi, finally i can get on my pc and email you. Herakles arrived roughly at 14:12 but we didn't actually get him until 15:00 which was when all the paper work was over and done with and as soon as we saw him we fell in love. e wasn't traumatized at all, instead he was pawing to get so we let him out in the car and he started purring straight away and smelling everybody. He laid on my lap on the way to the port and then slept on the car floor along with the rest of us until it was time to board the boat. We were all worn out having been up since 6 am and getting on the boat at 8 p.m was the last thing any of us wanted to do, except Herakles who kept staring out the window and twitching his ears as we drove the car up the ramp. We let him out on the boat and he stared down at the sea from the window and finally curled up on my lap. Out of the 4 of us he took the ride the best, we all got headaches from the air conditioning. We got home at 10 p.m and let him loose in our bedroom and he climbed straight up he cat tree and started playing with the dangly mouse and when we crawled into bed and turned the lights off he curled up in between both pillows and purred all night :) We took him to the vet this morning and after checking him all over they said he was all well and had a stunning personality, everybody in the waiting room were fawning over him and saying how cute and adorable he was. He's curled up on the floor now beside my boyfriends feet sleeping. As much as he wants to play the poor guy is worn out. A good days sleep and he'll be all hyperactive again. Thank you so much for sending us such a sweet and lovely boy.

(Gran Canaries, Spain)

Karin, he will be spoiled and he gets along with everyone.....he will only get bottled water and organic food.....lots of love......time to go shopping for a collar and some more toys! Valentino says Hello and that he is very happy here in West Hollywood...He grows more beautiful by the day and such a luv bug...He is for sure a therapy cat!

(Los Angeles, USA)