Please fill out the fields to introduce yourself and let us know your wishes. This way we can find you a perfect kitten suitable for your home. We will add you to our waiting list. As soon as a kitten becomes available, we will contact you. We will keep ourselves the right to deny any family that we find unsuitable for the kitten. Personal data is kept safe.

NB! Only seriously interested people are asked to fill out the form since we have long waiting list and we really want the best family for each and every kitten.

We will contact you soon! :)


* Price of pet class kitten: straight-ear € 1400
* Price of show pet kitten: straight-ear € 1500
* Price of rare color (silver, golden, point, blue, white, odd-eye) pet kitten: straight-ear €1600
* Price of show/breeding class kitten: € 1600-3000.
* We are ending the breeding of folded kittens due to their joint problem risk regardless of the health of parents. Few litters are still planned but not adding anyone to waiting list.
* Non-refundable prepayment is 40%.
* International shipping costs around € 700.
* Kitten is PKD and PRA-pd free.
* Price includes: complex vaccines at the age of 8 and 12 weeks; rabies vaccine at 12 weeks; deworming; castration; microchip; European Union passport; registration in TICA; kitten pack.
* When arriving to new home the kitten can use the litter box, scratching post, eats dry food and is socialized.
* We will make a contract with each buyer.
* We will give a health guarantee for lethal genetical diseases.
* Cats that have finished their breeding/showing career, might be available for new loving home - they are fully vaccinated, in good health and have eaten only premium class food. Retireing cats are not usually old - they have just done their part and can now just relax. Those cats are available for a reasonable price for caring family. If you already know which breeding cat you are interested having in the future, just let us know. If he/she is ready to go, you are the first in line.



We hope that you have given a good thought about all responsibilities concerning a pet and all the joy that is even bigger! We will contact you asap!

Macrory is registered in TICA and WCF. We have joined TICA Responsible Breeder Program and signed Ethical Breeder Contract.

Thank you!