Junior Champion
Macrory Best Kitten 2017

Macrory Wendy Silversky

Scottish Fold
Seal Silver Shaded Point

Lines: Macrory, Mormot, Absolu, Ultra

Health tests

PKD neg
PRA-pd neg
HCM neg (official heart scan)
FeLV neg
FIV neg
FeCoV neg

Blood serotype A/AB
Blood genotype N/N

Carrier of gold, chocolate, classic tabby and solid

Näituste tulemused

  • Best Cat in Estonia 2021 8th place


  • Bb DD Aa Ttb Ii ww L- cscs

Our little rarity, Scottish Fold Wendy - big blue eyes and a silvery coat. She was the main dam of our silver, golden and pointed line. Wendy has an exceptional personality. The biggest lap cat we have every had. She is constantly purring and loves to cuddle. More like a fluffy toy kitten. Couldn't be any cuter!



World Champion

Ultra Infant

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Macrory Best Kitten 2015 Champion Alter

Macrory Theia Goldensky

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