Elizabete's Keanu of Macrory

Scottish Straight
Cream Mackerel Tabby

Lines: Macrory, Marmorensy, Kindlycat's, Purtyfold, Mio Mio, Rainsy, Kliofoldcity, Cadelonia, Sladkiy Son

Health tests

PKD neg
PRA-pd neg
FeLV neg
FIV neg

Blood serotype A/AB
Blood genotype N/N

Näituste tulemused


B- dd A?a T- Spsp ii ww Ll

Keanu is our "grandson" whom we waited anxiously! He came back to Estonia from one of the best lines we have. His mother is Macrory Kalmia. We are thankful to the breeder and cannot wait to see his input into our breeding program! He has the looks and the charisma. Such a sweet boy! 

Sire: Color Galaxy Winston Churchill (SCS, red silver tabby van odd-eye)

Dam: Macrory Kalmia (SFL, black tortie with white)