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Macrory Urania & Zoomi TICA show


Our girls took part in TICA show in Finland 14-15th May! It was the first show for Urania who came back with Best of Breed x 8, FINAL placements 4., 5. Best Shorthair Kitten and 3., 4., 5. Best Kitten among all breeds! She enjoyed the show and we are happy.

Our Zoomi started in adults now and ended with Best of Breed x 9. Her FINALS - among longhairs 1., 3., 5. place. Among all breeds 2., 3., 8. Congress 8. allbreed (30 participants).

The result is 3 new titles for our cattery! Zoomi became CHAMPION, GRAND CHAMPION and DOUBLE GRAND CHAMPION! All from one show!



First Show for Zoomi


Successful show weekend in Finland! First show for our Zoomi who came back with wonderful results - Best of Color, Best of Division and Best of Breed in all rings, 4th & 5th place in Longhair Kittens and 4th place in Allbreed Kitten Final!

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Cat Gala in Finland


Macrory Team back from Cat Gala TICA show weekend in Finland! We are very satisfied and got all we wanted! First show with our Straight-ears who are now competing in Championship! Our small Rhodon of course stole all hearts and got almost to every final there was! Very happy, looking forward to our new titles and thankful to FinTICAt show team! See you next year!

World Show 2014


18-19. October 2014 we participated in WCF World Show with our cats. The results were great and we are pleased to share them with you!

  • Macrory Rhodon - ex1, cacp x 2, Best In Show nom, BEST OF BREED KITTEN!
  • Macrory Oinone - ex1, cacj, Best In Show nom x 2, BEST OF BREED JUNIOR!
  • ICH Kalevallafold Marilyn Monroe of Macrory - ex1, cagcib, Best In Show nom x 2
  • Macrory Mars - ex1, cac x 2
  • Rumfold Coconut Element of Macrory - ex1, cac

It was the first show for everyone except Mary. All behaved very well and got used to the "show hassle" quickly. The judges were pleased with our work. We are thankful for the show organizers and look forward to the next show!

17.04.2014 Best Cattery!!!

11.01.2014 Welcome Vita!

06.01.2014 Bam and Vanessa in new homes