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Traditional line with white




Macrory Best Cat & Kitten 2016
Macrory Urania

Scottish Fold
Blue & White

Sire: Macrory Rhodon
Dam: Macrory Oinone

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Quadruple Grand Champion
Archicass Zoomi of Macrory

Scottish Fold Longhair
Lilac & White


Sire: CH Alexis of Bauermann
Dam: Archicass Win

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Elizabetes Zelinda of Macrory

Scottish Straight
White with blue eyes

Sire: World CH Silver Master WCF 
Macrory Jupiter of Elizabetes
Dam: Elizabetes Adorable Akella

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Margocha Dolce Marmellata of Macrory
Scottish Straight

Sire: World CH Margocha Atos
Dam: CH Margocha Bonne Chance

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Golden, Silver and Colorpoint

Macrory Best Kitten 2015
Macrory Theia Goldensky
Scottish Fold
Black Golden Spotted

Sire: ICH Geliocats Velor of Macrory
Dam: CH Macrory Kornelia Silversky

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Junior Champion
Macrory Wendy Silversky

Scottish Fold
Seal Silver Shaded Point

Sire: World CH Ultra Infant
Dam: Macrory Theia Goldensky

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